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House Hopfensee

Whether folk theater, concerts, cabaret, traditional evenings or slide shows, here is something for every culture lover.


Mini golf is an attractive leisure activity in the Allgäu region. The most fun is playing mini golf with the whole family. The ball must be hit with the club through the various pitfalls of the individual courses, such as through the loop, over the tilt, or onto the ramp. In miniature golf, the goal is to reach the small hole at the end in as few strokes as possible with the ball. There is a minigolf course nearby at the Kurhaus Schwangau, in Bad Faulenbach in Füssen or at the boat harbor in Füssen/Weidach.

The Tegelbergbahn

For people with fear of flying there is the Tegelbergbahn, which takes you safely up to 1720 meters above sea level. Enjoy the view! As the gateway to the "Ammergebirge", the largest nature reserve in Bavaria, the Tegelbergbahn together with the mountain station offers an ideal view of the "Königswinkel". At the same time, the Tegelberg is a mountain to enjoy, marvel at and experience. The extensive mountain hiking trails invite families, but also demanding mountain hikers to extensive tours. Every effort is worthwhile when looking at the beautiful foothills of the Alps. Together with the forestry office, the municipality has set up a culture and nature trail, which shows the history of the Tegelberg in an entertaining and instructive way, and explains and illustrates the flora and fauna of the surrounding area.

Balloon rides

You can experience the Allgäu from a bird's eye view. While you let yourself be carried into the air, you can enjoy the breathtaking view over the magnificent lake landscape and the royal castles. This is just one of the many reasons why the Tegelberg is the most famous flying mountain in Germany. To share the special experience of flying with others, balloon rides are also offered. If you want, you can even make a crossing of the Alps by hot air balloon - something very special and almost unforgettable.