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Nature trail Ahornweg

The mountain hiking trail "Naturpfad Ahornweg" starts at the mountain station of the Tegelberg cable car, from there you can either continue on foot along the ski slope (about 2.5 hours of ascending mountain trail, about 900 meters of altitude difference) or also with the mountain railroad (from 8:30 a.m.).

In the middle of the magnificent mountain landscape, the nature trail leads along an alpine path to the "Branderfleck". Via the comfortable bridle path the trail then leads to the forest road "Bleckenau". The mountain restaurant Bleckenau, only a 10-minute walk away, provides the necessary refreshment before the descent to Hohenschwangau begins.

Nature trail Senkele

In the state forest district "Senkelewald" of the forestry office Füssen lies the nature forest reserve, through which the "nature trail Senkele" leads and offers a lot of interesting facts about the forest, wood, water and geology.

Approximately 2km after Roßhaupten in the direction of Seeg is the parking lot of the Senkele Forest. The Senkele forest house invites every hiker halfway to rest, play, kneipp and relax. The various playground equipment, such as the tree telephone or the wooden xylophone, make exploring the nature trail interesting for children as well.

Surrounded by an old cultural forest, which has been used for centuries, you hike the nature trail further up to the Senkelekopf, the highest point, where you have a magnificent view of the mountains of the Allgäu Alps and the three royal castles. From there you can also make a short detour to the Alpe Beichelstein.

The Tegelberg tour

The starting point of the tour is the valley station of the Tegelberg cable car. From here you have two options to storm the Tegelberg: Either one floats with the mountain railroad still above or chooses the "culture path Schutzengelweg".

The way back leads along the "Naturpfad Ahornweg" to the forest road Bleckenau. After another 10 minutes walk you reach the former royal hunting lodge Bleckenau. Following in the footsteps of King Luwdig II, you hike on to just before Neuschwanstein and return via the Pöllat Gorge.

Total hiking time is about 3.5 hours (part by train) or about 6.5 hours for the complete round on foot.