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Trend sport Nordic Walking

Fans of the trendy sport Nordic Walking will find an excellent terrain here to train the brisk walking with poles. Nordic walking is a whole-body workout that trains endurance, strength, coordination and flexibility. Here are some of the beautiful Nordic Walking routes in Hopfen am See:


Length: 6,5 km Height difference: 0, Difficulty: easy, Duration: approx. 1 hour
The circular trail starts at the lido Hopfen am See and goes around the Hopfensee with a wonderful panorama. Castle trail Length: approx. 3 km, difference in altitude: approx. 130 meters, degree of difficulty: medium, duration: approx. 48 min. The trail starts at the lido Hopfen am See, then cross the lakeside road in the direction of the Vilser parking lot, to the Burgplatz and then via the Burgweg back down to Hopfen to the lakeside promenade and back to the starting point.

Panorama route
Length: approx. 5.5 km, altitude difference: approx. 152 meters Difficulty: medium, duration: approx. 78 min. The starting point is again the lido Hopfen am See, you cross the lakeside road to the parking lot Vilser then it goes up to the castle square, in the forest on the nature trail to the east and past the "Swiss House", Enzensberg. Then you go along the Dotzenwangweg, Kirchgässchen and Uferpromenade back to the starting point.


If you prefer to travel by two-wheeler, you can explore the many cycling routes and the enchanting landscape in the Königswinkel and beyond. Whether you are planning bike tours with the whole family or a challenging mountain bike tour, there is an ideal route for everyone through our beautiful alpine foreland. More information about bike tours is available at our hotel reception.

Horse riding

If you like to roam through the Allgäu countryside on horseback or on a pony, you can book a guided horseback ride at the Ponyhof. The Ponyhof Fischer is located in Brunnen. 8 school horses and 17 rental horses (Haflinger, Welsh and Shetland ponies) are waiting to explore the area around Schwangau on a ride. Beginners and children are very welcome. The following examinations can also be taken by the trained staff: Small / Big Horseshoe - DFA IV, III, II - In Füssen there is also the RFV Füssen.

Forest Ropes Course-Höllschlucht

Climbing fun in the forest

High up into the Pfronten tree tops! You can't just swing from the mountain peaks around Pfronten to the next one, but you can in our ropes course from tree to tree. Haven't you always wanted to move through the treetops like Tarzan and Jane - balancing, flying, swinging? Over nets, bridges, swaying tree trunks and in a fast ride with rope slides crossing the torrent? None of this takes place in the jungle, but it is well secured in the Höllschlucht forest ropes course in Pfronten in the Allgäu region. 7 courses with 60 varied tasks - without a single bored tree - guarantee young and old an unforgettable experience in any weather and provide pure excitement with completely new experiences. Our team course is sure to motivate your crew to even more team spirit and bring to light previously undiscovered abilities of your employees. Whether individuals or families, groups, trainings or events, the forest ropes course with its competent team always has the right thing for them: e.g. sleeping in a tree, gorge crossings or igloo building with an overnight stay in the high mountains. Everything is possible in harmony with nature! What you need to bring for our forest ropes course: Sturdy, weather appropriate, comfortable outdoor clothing and some courage to try something new. You don't need any previous experience, but you do have to climb by yourself. We will provide you with the equipment and a thorough introduction. Only if you dare to do something, you can make new experiences.


Our green meadows invite you to play golf. In the surrounding area there are numerous golf courses where there is no club obligation. Golf clubs in the area: Golf Club Neuschwanstein e.V.

Golf course Stenz in Bernbeuren
Whether you want to learn this fascinating sport as a beginner or discover the course as a guest player - here, where the most beautiful vacation regions, the Ostallgäu and the Pfaffenwinkel, border on each other, you are always at the right address. Perfect to experience and enjoy golf in the midst of a dreamlike pre-Alpine landscape at the foot of the Auerberg. The golf course is challenging to play with its slightly sloping fairways and greens - a good eye is required here. To reach the green, it is always crucial how precise the respective shots are. No course can be compared to the other, so the game remains varied and exciting.

Golfclub Auf der Gsteig in Lechbruck am See
The golf club Auf der Gsteig in Lechbruck am See owes its name to the extensive golf course of the farm "Auf der Gsteig". Today's modern clubhouse with all necessary facilities was once its agricultural part. The 18-hole course covers about 96 hectares and guarantees fun for players of all levels. The course is located in the Swabian - Upper Bavarian Alpine foothills, northwest above the resort of Lechbruck am See and south of the Bernbeuren district of Echerschwang. The special attraction is of course the view of the Bavarian, the Allgäu and the Tyrolean Alps.


Many good zander, also some pike and above all big perch led to the fact that this dreamlike beautiful lake in the Allgäu has a firm place among the top waters.

The best time is in May and June and also September and October.

Sailing and Surfing

Those who like sailing or surfing are also at the right address here, because it is also possible to master the waves in the Allgäu. For those who want to learn it, the surf school Hopfen am See is just right.

Canyoning in the Allgäu

Canyoning allows you to marvel at the course and power of the water in a fascinating natural landscape that would always remain out of reach on "normal trails". You slide and jump into crystal clear pools, abseil down thundering waterfalls. All this makes up the fascination of canyoning. In addition, of course, there is a sense of adventure and a large portion of courage, which is demanded of a "canyoneer" at every turn. At the Canyoning-Team Allgäu you can book different basic and special courses.

Paragliding / Hang Gliding

Due to the good thermals, paragliding and hang gliding are excellent from the Tegelberg. So you can experience the Allgäu from a bird's eye view. While you let yourself be carried into the air, you can enjoy the breathtaking view over the magnificent lake landscape and the royal castles. This is just one of the many reasons why the Tegelberg is the most famous flying mountain in Germany. Many people who are enthusiastic about flying take the opportunity to experience real flying with a paraglider or a hang glider. The paragliding school and hang gliding school Aktiv is one of the three best flying schools in Germany according to a survey by the DHV. With practice area and three different high-altitude flying areas in the immediate vicinity of the flight school.

Skittles in the house Hopfensee

If the weather is bad, it might be a good idea to go bowling again. At Haus Hopfensee you have the opportunity to do so.